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MYDIGIPASS.COM™ is the right two-factor authentication platform to protect your web applications. It is offered as a SaaS model with four key functions:

  • Authentication or Secure Login
  • Operations, administration and management
  • Federation or SSO
  • OTP generation client devices

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MYDIGIPASS.COM integrates security into your website in an easy and cost effective way. MYDIGIPASS.COM is fully managed by VASCO®, eliminating the need for ASPs to commit resources to deploy, operate and manage a highly secure authentication infrastructure. Find out more.

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MYDIGIPASS.COM developers’ website provides ASPs with all the necessary information to easily integrate and validate the MYDIGIPASS.COM two-factor authentication solution into your web application. Please refer to additional documentation for details.

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We are here to help you make the integration smooth and easy. If you have a question, problem or comment, please visit the forum.

What is the MYDIGIPASS.COM developer's website?

The MYDIGIPASS.COM developer's website is where you can find all the information and tools needed to integrate and validate the MYDIGIPASS.COM two-factor authentication solution into web applications.


Develop secure and optimal user experiences in Authentication, Sign-up and Connect flows with the help of the comprehensive set of guides, tutorials and examples.

Sandbox environment

Test drive the Secure Connect API integration in staging environments with the MYDIGIPASS.COM simulation. Enables developers to easily try out the Authentication, Sign-Up and Connect scenarios.


Try out your integration with VASCO's Demo DIGIPASS where you can see how your application will perform with users.


Make sure you have covered all the key technical details for a secure integration and smooth user experience.

Apply for Live Key

Easily transfer needed technical information to VASCO to get your application on the production version of MYDIGIPASS.COM.


MYDIGIPASS.COM™ from VASCO® is a cloud-based two-factor authentication service. The foundation of MYDIGIPASS.COM is to leverage highly-secure technology, then make it easy to use and cost effective to deploy and manage. Experienced VASCO Professional Services personnel manage the deployment and help speed user conversion.

Two-factor authentication

On typical websites, users login with email addresses and static passwords: something they know. Two-factor authentication adds something they have to the authentication process. On websites that have integrated MYDIGIPASS.COM, users securely login by generating a OTP using their authenticator by scanning a QR code with their mobile devices, authenticating via the embedded DIGIPASS in Intel® IPT on their laptop, or by using one of the 100 million DIGIPASS hardware tokens in the field. The authenticator is what the user has and is the second authentication factor.

Single Sign On

Once a secure login is successful, users can easily and securely navigate the website and other secured online assets.

Data Encryption

All traffic sent to MYDIGIPASS.COM is encrypted and secured through the SSL or TLS protocol. Users’ credentials are never exposed.

Why connect with MYDIGIPASS.COM?

High Security

The core of MYDIGIPASS.COM is based on the field-proven, two-factor authentication engine called VACMAN Controller placed in the cloud. The two-factor authentication solution is what 10,000+ enterprises, including 1700+ banking and financial institutions, use to secure highly sensitive and confidential information.

Simplify your operations

With MYDIGIPASS.COM, you don’t have to manage passwords anymore since the full authentication process is handled by VASCO, a leader in authentication for 20 years. This reduces operations costs and simplifies web application management.

Easy sign-up makes the sign-up of new users simple. All of the users’ information is sent from MYDIGIPASS.COM to your website with the users’ consent. Sign-up is a two-step process with no lengthy forms to complete.

Instant access

Thanks to our developers’ website, you get instant access to our demo and sandbox environment. It provides all the tools to evaluate, test and deploy MYDIGIPASS.COM on your website.

Easy deployment

With MYDIGIPASS.COM, we remove the complex tasks of two-factor authentication systems by taking care of the management, distribution and provisioning of authentication devices and software. We can even help you promote the service by with marketing materials. You just have to integrate the secure login button.

Revenue protection

Your content and assets are valuable. With MYDIGIPASS.COM, you avoid undesired account sharing by ensuring that only paying users gain access to your premium content and services.

Competitive advantage

More and more, people are becoming aware of the importance of online security due to the increase of hacking. By providing top security to authenticate your users in a convenient way, you build trust and therefore loyalty with your user base.

Application providers and business owners

How do you protect your valuable online reputation?

Customers want to know your website is a safe place before they invest time and money. How do you prove you’ve taken the right steps to protect your customers’ personal information?

Adding MYDIGIPASS.COM to your site protects your brand by authenticating identities and securing content to assure users your site is secure.

MYDIGIPASS.COM is an easy-to-deploy cloud-based system. It’s a cost-effective way to secure your website with the same proven technology trusted by global financial institutions for 20 years.

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