MYDIGIPASS™ is VASCOs cloud-based, two-factor authentication service that enables application providers to deliver a single and secure login experience for their users, across multiple web and mobile applications.

Additionally, MYDIGIPASS™ can be used as an online Trusted Digital Identity provider, allowing ASPs to access consensually shared eID card data with a dedicated API.

The Secure Connect API

The Secure Connect API is an OAuth 2.0 authentication and authorization API designed to implement two-factor authentication and access consensually shared MYDIGIPASS ™ user data.

By accessing consensually shared eID card data, ASPs can establish a user’s electronic identity to meet the legal requirements that are essential to their online activities and combat online identity fraud.

This developer platform provides all the required tools and resources to set up your own application. Once you are satisfied with your integration, you can request your application to be promoted to production mode with the Go Live feature.

This documentation explains the various API concepts and provides all the resources to get you started, including developer references and a section about best integration practices.

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