Latest News

configurable JWKS_URI

30 October 2017

It is now possible to configure a JWKS_URI for your applications

Application management by multiple users

8 September 2017

It is now possible to invite others to manage your application.

New MYDIGIPASS buttons

7 August 2017

The MYDIGIPASS buttons have been revamped. We hope you like them! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you encounter any issues with the new buttons.

New login pages

7 June 2017

The login pages have been reworked to bring them in line with the designs of the signup pages.

Disable MYDIGIPASS Single-Sign-On

21 December 2016

A new MYDIGIPASS button attribute (data-auth-type) was introduced to disable the Single-Sign-On feature of MYDIGIPASS.

For more information see Button attributes in the Secure Login Button Reference.

Direct Signup

18 November 2016

A new parameter was introduced in our Secure Login Button to give you a future proof way to redirect to the MYDIGIPASS Signup process. In the past, we have noticed that some of our customers were hard coding the links of our Signup pages into their applications. This is considered bad practice and will lead to broken links in the future. Make sure to migrate as fast as possible to use this new parameter in the event you have used the not supported direct links.

Introduction of 3 signup flows

14 November 2016

The MYDIGIPASS Signup process has completely been redesigned to optimize the User Experience. This has lead to support multiple signup flows, depending on the needs in your application. A new option is available inside the developer site to select by Application (client_id) between:

  • Mobile only: Install MYDIGIPASS Mobile App to scan QR codes.

  • Belgian eID card only: Signup by reading the Belgian eID PKI Chip card, used by Applications where eID Authentication is mandatory and no alternative is allowed.

  • Belgian eID card and Mobile: do both, used by Applications that needs eID, but allow Mobile Authentication afterwards.

The former SMS Signup and Hardware Signup flows have been integrated in the new ones as fall-back scenarios.

We are renaming our account plans!

14 January 2016

From now on, everybody can enjoy the full MYDIGIPASS experience freely for up to 15 users. The “Plus” plan will remove this limit and provide you with other additional features. Check the plans here.

"Sandbox" applications will be automatically upgraded to the "Free" plan, and "Production" applications to the "Plus" plan.

This also means a simplification for the configuration of the MYDIGIPASS button. For more information, click here.

Rework the documentation and include eID retrieval

16 September 2015

Based on feedback from developers we reworked the documentation. This version of the documentation also describes how to request and receive eID data for a user.

Simplified and more powerful MYDIGIPASS.COM integration workflow

17 December 2014

In order to simplify the integration of your website with MYDIGIPASS.COM we updated our developer workflow. You will now be able to test your integration using your MYDIGIPASS.COM account, including all the available authenticators (no need for dummy accounts or authenticators anymore). You will also be able to manage details of your production applications through the developer site. To get started have a look at our first steps documentation.

Only confirmed e-mail addresses can be shared

17 November 2014

In order to avoid abuse of e-mail addresses when signing up for MYDIGIPASS.COM, the e-mail address attributes will be handled in the same way as the other shared attributes. Therefore the e-mail address will only be present in the list of attributes that we share with you if the user has confirmed his e-mail address. This change will be present as from December 1st. You might need to modify your implementation to take this into account.

Master Password and QR code

17 November 2014

In order to simplify the user sign-in process, we will no longer request the Master Password if the user signs in by scanning a QR code with his mobile phone. Since the MYDIGIPASS.COM mobile application is PIN protected, two-factor authentication is guaranteed and there is no need to additionally request the Master Password.

Enhanced logout feature

9 October 2014

We improved the logout feature. If enabled, your users will now automatically be logged out from MYDIGIPASS.COM after a short time. For more information see logout dialog configuration in the Secure login button reference.

Master password

2 June 2014

As requested by our community, we renamed master key to master password.

Redesigning the login pages

12 May 2014

In order to improve the user convenience and the visibility of the applications brand while the end-users are browsing on MYDIGIPASS.COM, we have been redesigning the login pages.

Our goals were to increase end-user trust toward MYDIGIPASS.COM and to give to the end-user a better sense of what he is doing.

Addressing the Heartbleed OpenSSL Bug on MYDIGIPASS.COM

9 April 2014

The blog post of Frederik Mennes describes what we did to address the Heartbleed OpenSSL bug and how we advice our customers to react.

Mobile app authentication

31 March 2014

How do you integrate the strong authentication of the MYDIGIPASS.COM app into your mobile app? You can read all about it in the Mobile App Authentication documentation.

C# Sample code on Github

4 December 2013

We have added a new C# integration example package on our Github for application developers working in a ASP.NET environment.

Marketing Guidelines

28 November 2013

Please review the Effective Marketing Guidelines to know more about how to market your integration.

Consolidated Secure Login Button JavaScript

11 October 2013

We’ve consolidated the URL’s for the Secure Login Button JavaScript. The canonical URL is now hosted at instead of for production applications or for sandbox applications.

The new version can be used for both production and sandbox applications by configuring the environment via the correct data-origin attribute.

The new consolidated script is also geographically distributed so your application will load the script much faster from a server nearby your own application servers.

So what does this mean for your application?

If you have an application that uses our production platform:

The original script location still works, so you don’t have to update your applications immediately.

In the near future you should plan to update your code and replace it with the new canonical URL and check if you’re already using the correct data-origin attribute of Review the Secure Login Button reference to learn how to do this.

If you are testing applications on our sandbox environment:

You need to update your code to use the new URL and configure the correct data-attribute of Review the Secure Login Button reference for more information.

Welcome to the new developer site

4 October 2013

Today we introduced a new design and updated documentation.

Connect API

6 June 2013

A new Connect API is added to properly reflect the connect status between the application and MDP on the User’s launch pad. The use of this API is mandatory for all new applications and existing applications should add it at first occasion. The grace period is 1 year, ending June 2014.

Review the Secure Connect API reference for more information.